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Heal to Grow Counselling

Regain Strength and be Free from Emotional Wounds

How are you feeling today?

You could be feeling: 

  • A great deal of emotional pain

  • Confused about your feelings

  • Trapped

  • Depressed, anxious, and Panicky

  • Sad because of the loss of a loved one, friend, or beloved pet

  • Frustrated about how easily you are overtaken by anger

You could be: 

  • Experiencing PTSD symptoms (e.g., flashbacks)

  • Obsessed with substance, thoughts, or behaviors

  • Overwhelmed by life stressors from work and/or family

  • Stuck with things happened in the past 

Do you understand why you are feeling all these?

The root of the problem is Trauma.

Different cultures and religious beliefs share the cognizance that pain and suffering are inevitable in everyone’s life. In other words, we all experience incidents and situations that are threatening, disturbing, overwhelming, or upsetting; these experiences traumatize us.

When we are traumatized, our brain is affected, causing problems in our health. That’s why we experience symptoms like anxiety, depression, fear, anger, shame, critical voice, low self-worth, sleeplessness, flashbacks, chronic pain, and obsessive behaviors.

When trauma is not treated effectively, the symptoms worsen. It happens when we do not seek therapy and receive therapies that do not work. We ended up learning how to bear with it or distract ourselves from it and thinking that this is it for the rest of our lives.



Image by Lina Trochez

Eye Movement De-Sensitization Reprocessing Therapy (aka. EMDR) is the solution. EMDR therapy is an evidence-based therapy that heals our brain from a neurological level. Unlike other therapies, EMDR therapy resolve trauma effectively by integrating adaptive information with maladaptive information in our brain. In other words, you don't just get the corrective information from the therapy, but you will actually feel and truly adopt the information. It is often to hear clients who experienced car accidents to report that not only do they know it is safe to drive, but now they really feel safe to drive after therapy. 

Once the information is completely integrated, the trauma will be resolved. And when the trauma is resolved, the symptoms that are etiological to the trauma will also disappear. 


Yes, you are at the right place. We finally can put a stop to your emotional pain and suffering that you are currently experiencing

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